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About us

Brian Terrill Lending Company is a Finance Brokerage

We are a licensed finance brokerage that operates in the State of California under the Department of Business Oversight Financing Law.  We are also licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator in the State of California




What Does a Finance Broker do?


As a licensed finance broker in California, Brian Terrill Lending Company brokers loans to licensed California finance lenders, to include but not limited to Mortgage Lenders, Business Lenders etc.  We serve those who have need of alternative financing such as those who may not qualify for a bank loan or who would like choices banks cannot offer.



We also act as a referral service

At times we may refer you to other sources of funding rather than act as the direct broker, many lenders prefer to broker their programs in house and as such the credit applications are prepared by the company itself.  We will let you know if that is the case when discussing finance and credit options with you.

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