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Credit Offers

When applying for a mortgage and building credit in general, it is always important to have several different types of credit accounts including revolving and installment accounts such as credit cards and auto loans.  Below are several offers available to help you build your credit.  Please always remember when applying and using credit that you must be aware of the temptation to use more of the available credit than you should.  For a good credit rate you need to keep your balances typically below 10% on credit cards and when applying for a mortgage your total monthly debt will be compared to your total monthly income in what is called the "Debt to Income Ratio" and typically going into the mid 40% and above puts you in an area that can disqualify you from many loan options available.

For Renters:  You can now have your rent payments put on your Transunion and Equifax credit reports by using Rental Kharma and get a $25.00 discount by typing in discount code BRIANT124 

For People New To Credit:  Kickoff offers a way to build credit and save at the same time.  You simply sign up and are given a limit of $500, you are given a $25 dollar balance of $24 that you pay back in a year, only $2.00 a month.  

For Those with More Established Credit: 


Chase Freedom is a great card to have if you already have an account with Chase Bank, you simply link your checking or savings account to the credit card and an automatic payment is taken out every month.  You are given various rewards for using your Chase Freedom card at certain hotels, airlines, and other in store and online purchases

American Express Offers Free Credit Scores from Transunion as well as other rewards on purchases, hotels etc.


Discover Card Offers many of the same benefits but also allows you to use and gain benefits for shopping at certain places other cards won't give you benefits for

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