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If you have been in bussiness for over a year now OnDeck is an option for you, their criteria are as follows:


-Business Tax ID must be over 1 year in existence

-Annual Revenue must be $100,000 or over

-Business ownership must be a total of 50% for at least one year

-There must be an average of $8,500 or more being deposited into the business checking account for 3 months in a row with at least 5 deposits per month
-Personal Credit Score higher than 600, the higher the credit score the better

-Average bank balance minimum of $1,000

-As little as possible on the Negative Days/NSF’s

-All applications must have an email the merchant uses – this will be needed for online checkout

-All applications must have TWO phone numbers associated to the merchant (Business & Cell/Home/Spouse/Family member)


To Apply for OnDeck download pdf application and fill out, send to

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